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Kouhigh Information

Kouhigh APP Official Statement of Epidemic Period

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网站及Kouhigh APP:口嗨网将会24小时运作,以及口嗨客服也会全天在线服务,为您解答所有问题。除此之外还设立微信客服1:kh-service微信-口嗨小运营kouhigh-vip。











美国直营订单:下单后一般4个工作日内发出。发出后一般7个工作日内送达。由于最近疫情影响,会延迟1-2个工作日发出 ,包裹从洛杉矶发出。

中国地区订单:由于仓库爆仓导致包裹积压, 从中国地区发出的货品会稍有延迟,物流航线的减少也将对发货速度产生影响,具体订单可以咨询口嗨客服。











Novel coronavirus  has swept the world, the number of confirmed cases in the United States has been increasing rapidly, which has had a great impact on the lives of residents. As the most responsive cross-border e-commerce platform, during the epidemic period, Merchandise arrival and delivery have been kept in a state of high-speed operation.  Sufficient goods support and stable supply chain channels are the strongest support that we can provide you during the epidemic prevention period, all the staff of Kouhigh are working hard to deal with every detail, and we are well prepared for your various needs at anytime.


Our website and Kouhigh app: Operating 24 hours a day.  Kouhigh customer service will provide online services all day to answer all your questions.

WeChat customer service: kh-service

WeChat service assistant: kouhigh-vip


Logistics and warehousing: due to the epidemic situation, which leads to the problem of cargo accumulation. We will do our best to distribute goods and deliver them, so as to ensure that your orders can be delivered in time.


About the severely affected areas: We will adopt the principle of priority delivery in areas with more severe epidemic to ensure the basic epidemic prevention safety to more people. Thank you for your understanding of Our decision that to give priority to special areas, and thanks for your kindness for Antivirus Protection cause.


Kouhigh is in the process of giving away masks for free. Now place an order will also receive a snack gift. We wish you can keep a happy mood which will gives more beneficial to your health!


Kouhigh promise we do not seize the chance to drive up prices.


My package hasn't been delivered yet?


U.S. direct orders: We usually sent within 4 working days after placing the order. It is usually delivered within 7 working days after delivery. Due to the impact of the recent outbreak, it will be delayed for 1-2 working days, and the package will be sent from Los Angeles.


Orders from China: due to the overstock of packages caused by the cargo accumulation, the goods sent from China will be slightly delayed, and the reduction of logistics routes will also have an impact on the delivery speed. Specific orders question please consult our customer service.


How to get replenishment notice?


All platforms of Kouhigh will update the commodities information every day, please pay attention to them in time.

WeChat account : kouhigh_us


APP push notification: the push notification function can be enabled in the APP settings



Thank you for your choice. Your trust is our biggest driving force.